And Sleep in She Did!

It is 11:30. I just woke up. Man, that was some sleeping, even if I went to bed at 3.

I have been organizing my house. I had planed on doing a little rearranging of my living room, starting by going through the books on my bookshelf. I also wanted to move the shelf to make some room for my printer and a cabinet. It turned into a major fiasco when I found that the bookshelf was getting wet every day because of the sprinklers. (or it may be when it rains, because I just checked and the carpet is dry this morning.) Anyway, I was debating whether to just move the bookshelf and get rid of all the moldy stuff or get rid of the bookshelf. I decided it was time for a change, so out to the porch with the bookshelf it was. I then decided to put it on the curb with a free sign because I really didn't want to deal with it anymore. It was nice because within an hour it was gone(oh the power of free!).

I then went to look for new bookshelves. I decided that I didn't want a big one but multiple smaller ones. I was in luck because Shopko had their three shelf bookshelves on sale for 18 bucks. I got three for about the price of one. Score. Here are two of them in my living room:

It may take a while to get used to the new arrangement seeing it has been the same for years. The whole goal is to be more organized and I think this will be a good start. I will now quit boring you with the details of my new living room.

The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival happens every Labor Day Weekend in Orem. It is a tradition to go to Laugh In night. Jane, Janette, and I went last night. It was wonderful. I laughed and laughed. It was nice to sit outside on a nice cool summer night. Great times!

And now I will go and enjoy the rest of my three day weekend, as should you!


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Morgan -Ing said...

Someday I'll go with you to the festival!