Decompression and Stuff

Have you ever had a day where you feel it just started out crappy and continued to roll downhill into a ginormous crap ball?

That is how I feel today. First period started with a student being upset and argumentative and not wanting to do what was required. (BTW it was Yoga. Who doesn't like the calming effect of Yoga, hello?) Then it was the worry of kids getting hurt in PE class because they were getting too competitive, and then it was students just being plain rude and angry because they had to present two sentences in Health Class. It felt like I should have had some crackers and cheese to go along with their whine all day long. YIKES. I will quit complaining now and move onto grading Health tests.

Here is one of the two very cool things that made my day better today. There will be more to come when I blog later tonight, I just needed a little moment to decompress and relax.
This is Alice wielding the Sword of shut Your Face and Quit Your Complaining.

The end.

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Morgan -Ing said...

I like your sword. I need one. :)