Hmmm...more weekend please!

The week finally ended and here I am laying in my bed wishing I could stay here longer. I am secretly wishing I could have a few more days to recoup before storming back to work. I guess I will have to settle for one day. Having a three day weekend next weekend will be what gets me going in the mornings this week. I don't think I have ever been this burnt out so early in the school year. I worry this could be as very bad thing!

I got up earlyish yesterday and hiked Y Mountain. It is a pretty intense hike and you really only gain 900 feet in altitude. But that 900 feet comes in about a mile space. It's a very steep climb!

Here's a few pics:

Me with Provo in the background.

Looking down at the "Y"

Pretty. I do live in a very pretty place.

Yesterday, I had the neighbor kids and (a friend's 8 yr old) over for Guitar Hero and a movie. Funny thing is I didn't take any pictures. All I have for proof they were here is this:

See their drinks?

Friday there was a big party for a coworker who doesn't work with us anymore. I couldn't get over how amazing the house was that the party was in. I wish I were rich. It had an indoor and outdoor pool and it was huge!

This picture doesn't do it justice but here Janette shoots pool. In the background is the slide to the indoor pool. Crazy. The kids playing was my favorite part.

Aren't they sweet?

After that party we went to a Rock Band party with some friends from church. It was way fun and again I wish I would have shot some pics. Oh well.

I guess I have crammed a lot into my weekend. I am going to enjoy a low key kind of Sunday!


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