It Doesn't Matter How Long the Weekend...

...It's still too short.

Had a three day weekend. It was nice. I even got out of town. Manila is a nice place. It isn't in the Philippines. Well, I guess there is one in the Philippines, but this one is in Utah. It is in the middle of nowhere which is grea for star gazing and cattle watching. I like rural areas where the only store is a little convenience store. Nice and quiet is a good vacation sometimes.

It is always nice to visit Sarah and her family and traveling with Morgan and her family I always good for my soul!

I got sicker than sick on Sunday. It wasn't fun. Glad it wasn't today though. Driving and sick would have been worse than just sick on vacation.

Here are some pictures:

Only a McDonald's in Wyoming would have saddles in the play area.

It makes me smile that the kids also wear cowboy boots in Wyoming!

Sarah has a darling kitten. I took a million pictures of her and not a whole lot of the humans I hung with!

The kids always make for good photos.

As does Morgan

Henry and Zack had a hard day of play.

Utah Dad perfected the marshmallow roast.

There is nothing like sitting next to a fire,

Or next to a cute kitty!(made my day of sickness better!)

Isn't she funny?

Riding with the angels was a good time too.

Even when this one gets grumpy because he LOVES "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice! Too funny and cute.

It was a nice little break. I am still uncertain if I am ready to go back tomorrow. At least it is a short week!

Hope you are all well!

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Morgan -Ing said...

That picture of me is unfreakingbelievable! HAHAHAH!