Question #2: Elizabeth

Remember, if you would like a questions answered about me, leave it as a comment. I am promising to answer it. This is a very fun way to write posts. I like sharing these things about myself.

What is the first thing you do in the morning...every morning? Why?

Thanks for the question Elizabeth. The first thing anybody should do in the morning is get out of bed, am I right? I usually weight myself and then go to the bathroom because my bladder is always full(in fact, most nights I am up at about 3 to go to the bathroom as well!). I then go to the kitchen and weigh myself again. Believe it or not sometimes I lose three pounds in urine alone. I know it sounds silly but it is intriguing to me and getting on the scale everyday motivates me to stay skinny! I then will usually eat a banana and decide what to eat for breakfast. The staple breakfasts at my house are: Greek Gods Fat Free Yogurt, Bob's Rolled Oats, Nancy's Natural Cottage Cheese, Eggs with organic toast with jelly, almond butter(I am allergic to peanuts so no peanut butter), or both, and crumpets with Nutella. Food choices are always the hardest deciscions for me to make. Food is very important to me and I want to be satisfied and it is always nice to have choices. I eat breakfast in front of my TV while watching Sportscenter. I gotta keep up with my sports and the Top Ten Plays are my favorite part of the program. I then will shower and get ready for work. It is nice to dress in mesh shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes for work! I then either drive or bike to work, depending on mood and time. I have been much better this year about getting up and moving so I can get to work on time, no ten minutes late like I did most of last year!

So there is not only the first thing I do in the morning, but my whole morning routine. On Saturdays, it is much different. I love not having plans and go very slow while getting ready and getting things done. Today I am planning on cleaning the bathroom and then eating a bit more because I only had a banana so far, and then I am going to write a little bit and possibly read and grade some things for work. Tonight is dinner with the family in Sandy.

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

Ha! You turned a kinda boring question into n interesting snippet of your day. Thank you for being cool and responding. Here is another one...

Would you rather have an extra nose on your lower back or on your forehead?