Stalking and other muses.

I am sitting waiting at the Doctor's office. This is the fourth time for the same issue. Why is medicine about elimination? I am hoping to get some relief from my ailment soon. I won't go into details because, trust me, you don't want to know.

About the stalking. I saw a guy at church that I thought was cute a few weeks ago. I was able to sit close to him in Sunday School. We talked a bit but not enough to be acquaintances. I felt like I wanted to know him more so I found his number on the ward website and texted him. Eventually, he stated he could appreciate a forward girl and invited me to hike with him Saturday. He got off work early yesterday and asked if I wanted to hang. I said sure so we watched some baseball and ate some pizza. It was nice. I think he is a great guy who is cute. Who knows if anything will come of it, but here is to the first time interweb stalking has paid off! Yippee!!!

I feel burned out already. It is coming a bit early this year. Tell me it is normal and okay.


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Elizabeth Peterson said...

It is totally normal and you will be A-OK!
Good job on the internet stalking. I remember doing that at Ricks. Looking up the cute boys schedule and then stalking them. Good times, good times!!