11:58. Normal People are Sleeping Now!

I am so not normal.

I was one proud aunt tonight. Kristofer was in Salt Lake playing with his band, Serianna. It was very cool to be there to FEEL their music. I may not totally relate to the screamo music, but I do have a total appreciation for the art now.

Kris and I also had dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant and I bought him a new pair of Toms. It was a blast to catch up with him. He's so talented and such a great young man. It was also cool to meet the band and feel young.

Here are a few pics. I must sleep now.

P.S. next time I will actually take a picture of the both of us. Lame!

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

screamo music makes my ears hurt. Well actually being as close to the band as it looked like you were would make my ears hurt. It sounds like fun though, i totally would have gone with you and partied like a rock star!!