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I have been a blogging slacker. I apologize.

I just felt like I should share something about a new thing I am doing in my Physical Education classes.

Now, I know, you may not be all that excited to hear about what I am doing in an alternative school in physical education, but too bad. Haha. Just kidding. Maybe you do care and you can read this next bit.

I have pretty much for the last nine years been a slacker when it comes to these classes. I was teaching Fit for Life and only had them running two laps a day and was never testing their fitness. Pathetic...that isn't Fit for Life! This year, it is all different. I think I have finally gotten into the mode of thinking how important it is for these kids to know why it is important to take care of their bodies. We are learning about exercise principles and we are testing their fitness, body composition and other fun things like blood pressure and target heart rates. They no longer just run two laps around the gym, they are up to 7 laps this week. Each week we add a lap. It takes 20 laps to equal a mile and we even figured that out the first week of school, so that we can condition them and get them ready for the mile run. Nice, eh?

Our country is battling a horrible killer, obesity. I am so glad I finally have become aware of why it is important to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthier and exercise. I now think I am helping them understand, even if just a little bit better, how they can take care of their bodies and be more healthy and happy. It is very fun.

I also am teaching a new class, weight conditioning. I love these two classes and it has been fun to work out along side the students. Wednesdays we often do things beside lifting weights and it is so fun to see them try new things and to actually enjoy it. This week we tried P90X Ab Ripper and it was intense but enjoyable. I am loving these classes!

When it comes to my Connections class and Health Classes, I have still been a bit of a slacker. This year has already has its ups and downs but I feel like, recently, I have been able to pull my attitude up and be a little more motivated to be better. It is all about improving all the time.

I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing daily as well. Remember that we choose happy!

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