The Crazy Week is Almost Over

This week was busy, busy. I am tired, tired!

Here are some pics of the week.

Pumpkin walk with friend, Julianne and her husband Sean.

Plants Vs. Zombies scene.


Julianne Potter

Genie Sean

It was crazy to go to the Pumpkin Walk this year. We drive lots and had traffic issues. Only ha 15 minutes to enjoy the scenes. Totally worth it!

Watch out Cosmo! Dinner is always fun with this angel.

And these monsters.

And these weirdos:

And these amazingly nice and generous people:

Sunday dinners are one of my favorite things of the week.

Going into canyons in the fall is also one of my favorites. Here I am with the boys. Love them.

Today is was dinner and Biggest Loser with friend, Kerri. Yesterday it was dinner and frozen yogurt and running around town finding The Nightmare Before Christmas with Jane.

Busy weeks go fast. That is good sometimes.

Cheers. Off to dreamland.

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