Have I Mentioned that I Love Fall?

My friend, Helena and I decided to go hiking yesterday on a whim. Sometimes the best things that happened are unplanned!

Rock Canyon is so pretty this time of year. Well, most places are pretty this time of year. I am loving it!

I really do live in a pretty place. I also have cool people to hang with. I am a blessed kid!

I also ran a 9 minute mile yesterday. My students were running for their first fitness test for PE and I decided to join in. Makes me feel pretty darn good to have run a mile about five minutes faster than I did in high school. It's been an amazing journey!

I am very glad for the weekend and that next week is short due to fall break. Life is good!


Elizabeth Peterson said...

YAY for your nine minute mile! And yay for fall. I love the changing of the seasons but I wish the cold only lasted about a week and then it got back to being warm. That would be good!

Morgan -Ing said...

You ran a nine minute mile WITH a cold! Go Alice. GO!!!