Hi from my couch.

Hi. This post comes to your from my couch. I have been here much of the day. I caught a blasted cold from some infected individual. I decided that I would rather get sub plans ready quickly at three this morning and be able to head back to my bed rather than suffering on my feet all day and infecting others. Aren't I so very selfless? Basically, I slept tons and watched a movie and read. It was nice. Too bad sick days cannot be filled with cleaning and laundry because I would be ahead of the game today!

The weekend was a nice one looking back at it. The Hageys moved about 45 minutes closer to me which makes my life so much better because I do not have to drive and hour and a half to get nephew time. They were very good during the moving process even if they had their moments. Here they are giving crusty faces in the van prior to heading to the new place:

Ezra rather liked being carried around all day even though I thought he looked rather pathetic.

Morgan is a trooper and one of the most amazing people on the planet. I don't think there is anything that she can't do! She amazes me each day with her motherly instinct and brains!(and yes, Morgan, when I wrote "brains" I heard it in my head like on Plants vs. Zombies!)

These amazing teen boys were on the Salt Lake end of the move and we were so glad they were around. What workhorses they were! Very much worth the 8 pizza payment! Little bro, Josh, is the second on the right.

I was glad to help move and am wishing Morgan and the crew luck on the box unpacking weeks ahead. I hate moving and glad that this time it wasn't me!

The rest of the weekend was filled with church, giving my number to boys, eating lasagna with The Salt Lake family and watching football. Here are the boys while watching "Green Packers:"

Be warned, football viewing may encourage and fester violence in young children, just sayin'.

Yesterday was a typical Monday.

Today was a non-typical Tuesday and I am ready for a typical Wednesday tomorrow. Here is to less snot and more energy for future Alice!

How has your week been so far?


Morgan -Ing said...

I'll say it again, we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for your help. I hope you feel better soon so you can drive short distances to visit.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I hate packing and unpacking but I think moving into a new house could be fun. You are a good friend to help in the process!
Miss you much!!