Time Escapes Me.

Life is good here. Just living the dream and coasting by. Seems like time is flying. I cannot believe it is October already. Nuts.

This is my favorite time of year. I love everything about fall: the harvest, the fall colors, the cooler weather, football, baseball playoffs, and my favorite holiday comes at the end of the month(Halloween). I am actually wearing my glow in the dark ghost pajama pants and pumpkin shirt as I write this from my bed. I figured I should celebrate all month long.

It did snow today.

Brr...it was thirty degrees colder than a few days ago. I am reminded about how I don't like to be chilly!

Earlier this week, I had Kerri over for chicken on the grill. It was yummy!

I also had dinner in Sandy with the family on Sunday. I got on trouble for saying "thanks for letting us gather as family and friends," as offered the prayer over the food, because I am family according to Utah Dad. It was funny when he hounded me about it. He said: "I am looking around and I do not see any friends. I only see family!" so funny and cute. I am lucky to have two great families! Here is what dinner looked like:

The night before we had a girls' night out while the guys attended priesthood session for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You can read all the talks here.

Here is a pic of Ezra at dinner. Funny how I take pictures of the nephew but neglect the other cool people I hang out with!

I love conference weekend because you get to go to church at home and watch TV. Very cool. Too comfortable because I fell asleep during the afternoon sessions both Saturday and Sunday!

I am loving the sports of fall. It is awesome to watch two games at one time:

I am a spoiled brat and I am not feeling a bit guilty about it.

It's late; I better get to sleep. I am very glad for tomorrow and it being Friday. It was a long week!

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