Why don't people post on the weekends?

Hi guys. Have you noticed that people do not post much on their blogs on the weekends? I have totally noticed that. I think I need to be a person who blogs at least once on the weekend. I have been pretty poor about blogging lately. I need to change that as well. I think I am going to publicly pledge to be better at blogging. I totally stole what I will be posting from Jill and Kate, who happen to be Kelly Clarkson's backup singers and actually have their own music too. You should check them out because they are groovy. Here is a like to their post on their BLOG that gave me the idea for the following rambling! (If you are a novice, click on BLOG in the last sentence to be taken to their blog! :) Basically, this is a bit People magazine does each issue for random celebrities called "One Last Thing". I think of myself as a celebrity most days so here goes:

I laughed out loud at my Relief Society meeting at church today because I was making a happy journal and found this really cool animated bear on some scrap book paper who had a really weird look on its face and then realized later that the face was due to the fact that said bear was flactuating. I find that hilarious. Silly potty humor.

The whole summer! The last one I am remembering is the trip to Chicago this summer but I think I also count the road trip back to Utah as a vacation. I also was in Manila, Utah for a long weekend a few weeks ago and that felt like vacation. Thanks Sarah! :)

My mother's birthday card. I sure do love that lady and really need to get a hold of her this weekend! Where are you mother?

A new iPhone case. Mine is starting to have that old beat up look and I really want another Body Glove one. I had one on my iPod Touch and loved it. It should get here on Monday. It was a fiasco to get it because I ordered one a few weeks ago and the people sent me the wrong one. If it is wrong again, I may cry a little.


I have been watching The Doctors religiously lately because Jillian Michaels is now on there and I think she is amazing. Sometimes watching that show is irritating because some of the things the docs think are important are not and they are often very pro health care and I sometimes feel like a hippy and want more natural medicine. Jillian makes it very balanced though and I have been finding that I really have a lot of the same views as her. We totally would be friends if we knew each other!

That was fun. Maybe I should make that a weekly bit on here. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you are enjoying your weekend. They only come once a week afterall!

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Morgan -Ing said...

The water birth episode made me so very very angry. Grr The Drs, grr.