Thursday Already? Time Flies When You Live in Novel Land!

Well. How has your week been? Mine has been good. Fast, and good. When you are writing 2,000 words a day, it tends to go fast. I am writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month. It is intense. I really like the idea I have this year, so much that I am not making it public. I have posted the novel on my writing blog in the past but a friend of mine has made me paranoid about it being public. Basically, she says "Why would anybody buy your book if it can be read for free online." So you may have noticed that my novel blog is empty. Sorry for it. I trust you and if you would like to be reading it, send me your email(post it in a comment or email or text me) and I will set you up to read it on that blog. I am making it private. I knew you'd understand.

Well, other than that madness, the week is good. Hope yours has been too. Cheers!

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