The Week Ends.

I am tired and my calfs hurt hard core. P90X Plyometrics X2=bad idea. I am hoping my body is swollen because of that and that the three pounds I gained has nothing to do with me eating a hundred cookies and eating out a million times this week. The worst is now I don't want to workout because it hurts. End complain scene.

The novel is rolling along. Good thing I was so far ahead after last weekend because I have slacked a bit this week.

Wednesday, Henry, the eldest nephew from The Hagey's(ingfamily.blogspot.com) turned six. I surprised him with sugar cookies and carabiners. He was in heaven. It was fun to hang with the wee boys midweek! The other three got toy cars and my favorite part was eleven month old Ezra making car noises and playing with his car on the rocking chair. It is fun that he is becoming so interactive!

I need more sleep. Getting a bit of a cold, I think. It's okay though, it's almost the weekend! :)

Enjoy the pics from the latter half of the week!

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Morgan -Ing said...

Look at those cute boys! And a cute Alice!