5 Things To Do...

I've told you about Jill and Kate's blog right? If no, go check it out, they are a really cool and amazingly talented singing group! www.jillandkate.wordpress.com

Today, Jill wrote a list of five things you should do, if you "feel so inclined." I am going to copy her idea because it is brilliant.

1. Drink more Sugar Cookie Herbal Tea. It not only helps keep your hands warm in the morning, but it is also very tasty. I like to put hazelnut syrup in it!

2. Watch A Gifted Man. It has Patrick Wilson as the star and I have had a crush on him since the movie, Morning Glory. He's cute. The storyline is also very interesting and I think this show is worth checking out!

3. Listen to the song, "Blue Christmas," by Elvis Presley. Favorite. Holiday. Song. Period.

4. Read The Help and then watch the movie. Fabulous.

5. Write a note to somebody you love. It could be as tiny as a post it or as long as a five page letter, just let this person know you love them. It will open your heart and theirs. What a great gift to give to somebody!

I can't tell you how to live your life because I am not the boss of you, but these things have changed my life for the better.


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