Day ten.

I slept until 11:30 today. I think that is my body making up for lost sleep all week. I need to be better about sleeping, especially getting to sleep at a reasonable hour!

I then finished the movie I fell asleep during the night before and ate breakfast. I then got awake enough to go running. I am still amazed that I am running and it isn't too cold and there is no snow. I am not complaining either, but it is weird to think it is almost Christmas and there is no snow. Weird.

It was my ward's Christmas party last night too. Very nice to hang out with the people I go to church with and have some yummy food. Afterward, I went with some friends and watched Elf. I love that movie. So funny!!!

I then went home and fell asleep on my couch(surprising that I would ever do that, huh?), forgetting to post this on Day Ten. I am a slacker sometimes, but very glad I can change the date on the post, so take that! This weekend has been so nice so far. I love having time to relax!


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