Dear Santa

Today, I made my Connections Class write letters to Santa. Whenever I have them do weird assignments, I also join in. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Santa,

You're a nice guy! Not many people are so selfless as to deliver gifts to each kid on the planet. I know that just buying presents for my family can be a challenge and seriously--my family is small. So, thanks for bringing Christmas cheer to so many and thanks for helping belief and faith in something still be there. So many struggle with even believing in themselves. Too bad so many have lost faith in your magic!

Anyway, here is what I'd like for Christmas, actually before I start with that list, I'd like to let you know that I really have everything that I need. I feel so lucky to have a house to live in and enough money to be able to feed myself, pay bills and still be able to have fun on the side! I'd love to have my whole family together at Christmas, and that is pretty much the only big wish I'd have. Sure, I'd love a new iPad or laptop or some gift cards to iTunes or Barnes and Noble but what truly is something I'd want is to see my brother again. I guess I shouldn't be too greedy-I did get to see him this summer but it'd be rad if his work schedule would allow a visit! I'd also love to see my niece have a good couple of days, where she feels safe and can handle not having stuff and that she could be okay with just being! I'd also love for you to help her parents, my seester and brother-in-law be a little less stressed. Also help my mom to be happy and also help my dad to be cheerful and realize how loved he is and that people matter!

Thanks so much,

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