Goodbye 2011

How was your last day of 2011? Did you do something fun? Did you enjoy the day? It was the last one of the year, I hope you made it count.

It was a fun day. Mom, Aunt Linda, Andi and I went Packer sweatshirt shopping. It was an adventure and was successful! Thanks mom for the awesome new sweatshirt. I will be the envy of all the Packer fans in Utah!

We then visited with grandma and the crew for a few more hours and then my parents and I headed back for Rhinelander. We are supposed to get some snow tonight and wanted to make sure I get back for my flights tomorrow.

I really don't want to fly back tomorrow. Can't I just stay here and let my parents take care of me. Man, I had it good as a kid! Adult life is so overrated!

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