Happy Christmas.

It was a very low key Christmas here today. Mom, Andi, Rebecca and I went to my church this morning. It rocked. Well, rocked as much as church rocks. It was more like a calm, peaceful hour!

Then we hung out most of the day and ate way too much. Tonight we watched the Packers beat the Bears. Yipee. Elijah and I watched while he played video games. It's cool to have two TVs in one room!

I also took Divot for a walk. He truly has my heart. Great dog. Some people probably think it's weird I have a nephew puppy, whom I spoil rotten!

Enjoy some pics from our walk. One is a snowman that has Christmas lights on it, one is a Packer tree and the third isn't from the walk, but it's Divot helping with the dinner dishes.

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