Happy New Years Eve Eve!

Hi. Have you written your resolution list, yet? Yeah, me either. I do know I have a few things to work on in the coming year. Things that I really don't want to just be worked on during the first few weeks of January. I may have to write the list down on here come Jan. 1.

Today was nice. Drove to Green Bay with my parents. They are nice folks. Then we picked up my Grandma and headed to Kroll's for lunch. She is a nice folk too! It was yummy. It is right across the street from Lambeau Field. I love that place. It really has a special place in my heart. I really do love the GB Packers, have I mentioned that?

You know what else I love? My family. My kin are a whole lot of cool. A bunch of us met at Titletown for dinner tonight. It was fun to catch up with peeps. I am always a little bit sad that I don't have a whole lot of time with these people. This summer will have to mark a change of that. I am going to organize some amazing activities.

We then headed back over to my Aunt Linda's house. Have I mentioned that I love her? Well I do! We looked through some old pictures. It was fun to go down memory lane with them. (My uncle Jim, his wife, my cousin Craig, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Linda, Sister, Aunt Cindy(via text) and Mom were all there for the walk down memory lane!) So much history is in the make up of all families. What fun.

I better sleep. This break has gone much too fast, but some of us have to get back to touching the future. Or something.

Cheers. Get to those lists. You only have a day after all before you will have to face not having a list and really, if you don't have a list, what resolutions will you be able to break? ...NONE! :)

Pics to follow. Phone not set up to wi-fi.

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