Here are the highlights of today:

1. Leftover pizza for breakfast
2. Jill and Kate's album(bought last night)
3. A warm car on way to work. (p.s. it hasn't snowed here yet. It makes it not feel close to Christmas!)
4. Techno music in weights class.
5. The first fight of the year in PE class. Girls are brutal!
6. Running into a friend at the laundromat.
7. Not paying at weight watchers!
8. The best cheesesteak I have ever eaten(it was only the second one I had ever eaten!)
9. Frozen yogurt
10. Hangin' with Jane.
11. Buying picture books for the nephews for only $2.50.
12. Buying Gouda cheese!
13. Seat warmers in Jane's car.
14. Seeing a friend's gingerbread house on display at the grocery store.
15. Looking at pictures of Spencer and Henry with Santa. Spencer is priceless and cracks me up!

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