It's 2:30 am, are you awake?

This counts as the 2nd's post even though technically it is the 3rd.

I am liking December so far. Fridays are always nice. Knowing you can have a weekend as soon as you get through the day helps. It was the end of the mini term for us, which meant that it was the end of the grading period. We are now 3/8 of the way through the school year. Pretty crazy to think about, I must say. Time is going very fast.

Today there wasn't too much to note. A typical day. I did hang out with Jane and Janette after school as we watched our basketball team play. It was fun, and they even won! We also had dinner in between the JV and Varsity games. I was craving onion rings. Maybe that is something to note.

I am liking being able to come home and not having to worry about writing. I have gotten me time, free time back. This basically means I can watch a bit of TV and actually pay attention to it and I have been able to read a bit more, I have missed it! Although, in the next week, I need to think about taking another online class to keep my teaching license current; it expires this summer.

My house is a mess. I have neglected it the past month because of novel writing month. That is kind of gross, isn't it? Maybe I better scrub a dub dub tomorrow. That really is my least favorite thing to do. I wish there was medication for that! Not cleaning is a disease, isn't it? Or maybe I wish my house was self-cleaning! That would be nice.

Well. I better sleep, even if I don't really have anywhere to be in the morning. Maybe scrubbing will call me to wake up before noon, even though it sounds real nice to sleep 'til then!

Happy 2nd to ya!

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