Let's hope the flights go...

It's snowing right now. Yep, hasn't snowed at all and now, the night before I go home, snow. It better not make me stranded!

Good day. Traditional 1/2 day before break. Wrote cards to former students who are serving in the military and then had a talent show and lots of activities for the students to choose from. Went well.

Then it was the Christmas work social with white elephant festivities. Have I told you how much I hate white elephants? Yep, I hate stealing from people and being stole from. Just give me a nice present and leave me alone!

I ran. It was bloody cold. Wind was crazy. Worth it. Sunny.

Later, Jane and I ate cheesesteaks they are so yummy!

Then I finished packing and headed to the Hagey's. They are putting me up for the night and taking me to the airport. They are good to me! Morgan even helped me with a Christmas project.

I am way excited to go home. Gonna to sleep now, so it will come faster! :)

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