S is for Sunday and Speeding Ticket

Hi. It's Sunday. I am already tired. Sorry to anybody go expects to see me over the holidays. You may miss out due to the fact that I am sleeping. Apologies.

Had a great day up until about an hour ago when I was pulled over. Sure I was speeding and totally own it, but seriously...it sucks. Oh well, consequences are real. It's nobody else's fault but my own. If only my students would understand how they are in control of having consequences in their lives.

The highlight was spending time with the rug rats and eating Morgan's amazing pulled pork sandwiches. Thanks Sis.

Too bad I didn't snap a pic of the bright blue and red lights. So festive!

And the frosted look on the trees today was very pretty. Second highlight!

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Morgan -Ing said...

Blah. What a bummer! I'm SO sorry!