Snow and Stronger.

Take that! A picture first. Ha!

Well, it snowed today. Usually, I have a bad attitude about such an event at this time of year. Today, I was excited and it made me feel a bit more like it is actually December and that I am going home in a week and two days(who is counting, btw?). Some people got really cranky about the snow today. This included all of the people in my first hour. I think my students are a wee bit squirley anyway with the break being so close, but the snow added to their drama. Bless their hearts! You do know you can say anything about anybody and say either "Bless their heart," or "Just Sayin." Try it sometime. It works miracles in my life. "So, you are going out in that outfit? Just sayin'." "Did you hear that Sally got in a fight with Suzie over that deadbeat boyfriend of hers? Bless her heart!"

Well, I am going to write a little story about me and submit it to Kelly Clarkson's website. See, Kelly has this new setup on her website that you can "earn" a meet and greet. You earn points for doing things like watching videos or re-posting Kelly's Twitter Tweets. It is kinda crazy business. Basically, the story has to be about a time that I got stronger. I think the weight loss journey is a prime subject for this writing thing. I just have a hard time starting the story. Maybe one day I will sit down and do it before I am dead tired and it is ten thirty. I must now go to bed. I am a silly crazed KC fan. I realize this. Don't judge!


Morgan -Ing said...

Will I be your guest for the meet n greet or will it be your mom? Because I haven't bothered earning points, assuming that I'm your guest. But, um, I might be wrong?

Alice said...

You are my guest Morgan. Mom will just have to be understanding.