Ten Things That Make Break Great.

Here is a list for today's post:

1. Being with family.
2. Homemade meals.
3. Seeing friends.
4. Eating great food, like The Mine Co.
5. Sleeping in.
6. Not dealing with complaining teens.
7. Christmas cookies.
8. Christmas cookie dough.
9. Reading without guilt.
10. Movies.

Last night was a good dinner with friends from softball, and Marla(the best softball fan!) at The Wausau Mine Company. It was so fun to catch up with everybody and those Italian Fries are so with the four hours of exercise needed to burn them.

Before that, Marla, Jenette and I saw New Years Eve. It was a cheesy but good flick! I have also have seen Sherlock Holmes this break, which was action packed and a great story. I love watching movies!

Marla and I also visited her sister's family and I used my techie skills to help get music on a mp3 player. We also stayed up late visiting like always. It's sure good to be able to visit with family and friends this time of year. I wish I had taken more pictures today. This is all I have. It's Virgil at the Mine and a festive moose near the movie theatre.

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