To be like Jill and Kate!

Hi guys. What is shakin'? I am sitting in my living room listening to Christmas music with my Christmas tree aglow in front of me. These things are making me so happy right now. Every minute I spend in my living room is spent with the tree lighted. I also listen to Christmas music to and from work and whenever I am in my car. It makes me glow to be rocking around with the Christmas spirit!

I have decided that December is the month of blogging each day. Heck, writing a post is a thousand times easier than writing 1,667 words for the novel daily. November's writathon nearly killed this girl. The blog writing is inspired by Jill and Kate. They are two really cool musicians. They have their own act as well as Kelly Clarkson's backup singers. They rock and have a tradition of a blog a day for 31 days in December. Cool tradition, no? Read their blog HERE.

Earlier this week I was able to care for Garret. He is my neighbor/landlord's kiddo and he is adorable and sweet. We watched Elmo's World and ate suckers. It was the best date I have had all year! ;) Pictures are included at the end of this post.

I totally looked at a house today. It feels a little insane. It needs some work but if my name is picked for the lottery(it's a HUD home that I can get for half price for being a teacher) then I have myself a fixer upper starter home. If my name isn't drawn, I got a real good starting experience on my way to being a homeowner one day, which is one of the things I look forward to! Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me that what is supposed to happen, will!

P.S. Life is grand, breathe in the spirit that is around this time of year. Let it fill your heart! It's so great, peaceful and calming!!!

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Morgan -Ing said...

You liked the house? Yay!!!