Weekends Rock!

I am pretty excited that it is the weekend now. This is one of the best weekends of the year because when I go back to work, there really are only two days of actual class before a longer weekend. Fabulous. This weekend will be relaxing because of it. I do have a huge amount of grading to do. That is not nice, but I do need to get caught up before leaving Utah!

Today was nice. Went to Red Robin after school. Then I got cookies and cakebites to celebrate Aiden's birthday. Aiden is a friend from church who I met five years ago when he was just four years old. Crazy that he turned nine today. That makes me feel slightly old. I get over that feeling by playing Plants Vs Zombies. I like the new festive look.

Now to dreamland. It's nice to have nothing important to get up for. Sleeping in is one of my favs!

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