Weekends seem to go fast!

I like sleeping late. I didn't get out of bed until about 10:30. By the looks of the weather, I had to convince myself to go running. Brrr, it is starting to be a bit cold. I even left my footprints in some of the snow that had fallen overnight. I am glad it melted and there were only patches of the white stuff. I am not as ready for snow as I mentally thought I was!

Went to lunch with my friend, Megan and her Mom. It was nice and free, thanks ladies. We also stopped at a little bakery. I had a yummy sugar cookie!

I then headed to work thinking I would get some things done for Monday. That didn't quite happen. I did get some things ready for the Christmas parade I decided to go and help with. Our students walked in it with glow sticks. It was a fun event. Before the parade there was a santa 5k. It was pretty wild to see hundreds of santas running through the city!

After the parade, I went out to dinner with Kristi. It was yummy. I felt guilty for having eaten three meals out in a row. I rode the exercises bike to deal with it.

That takes me to now. Took a little nap on the couch and now watching TV. It is a nice place to be!


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