Why so fast Saturday?

Weekends are going much too fast these days. Crazy.

Today was fun. Ran in the sun. 4 miles almost killed me. I was a pansy today.

Went ring shopping with Rueben. Yep, you heard it here first. I am getting married. The date is not set and it is not official(although different people have different definitions of official for being engaged. Some would say as soon as you decide to marry, others may say as soon as there is a ring and proposal. I am on the side of there is a ring on that finger. There is no ring. Rueben on the other hand is of the belief that it is when you decide to marry and has been introducing me as his fiancé the whole weekend. So I guess it's okay to talk about it on here.)

Someday when I am not tired I will tell you the whole month long story of us. Tonight you can just see pics of the ring. It isn't the real ring and it will be a bit different, but it is close. I will send more when the ring is really on my finger. Some of you may be completely shocked. Sorry I didn't call you or sent you any other news. I have been a busy girl the past few weeks. Rueben and I celebrated the start of this process via bowling, dinner and movies.



Tickets to Sundance.

A whole bunch of my friends including my boyfriend(gag....just kidding) are going to a Sundance Film Festival movie at the Sundance resort tomorrow night. It is going to be awesome. I loved being a part of the fest last year. What a way cool thing.

Here are some icicles that were hanging from the roof at the resort tonight. Jane and I picked up our tickets before going to our weight watchers meeting. Good times!

Should be a fun Friday! Yipee. It seemed to take an eternity to get to the end of the week. I am afraid we have reached the hard part of the year.

Nope Not a Funeral.

Hi. It's midnight. I don't get to bed much before now most days. I am not complaining because my life is very good now. And seriously, dating doesn't really measure how good life is, but when you are dating the right person it does make a huge difference. I am often finding myself wanting to gag after I say something cheesy about Rueben. Now, don't get me wrong, nothing about Rueben makes me want to gag. I just never thought I would be this cheeseball of a girl who gets all excited and mushy about what a man says or does. He is so good to me. I am finding it hard to believe that I have found such a great guy after all the years I have been looking. I keep asking myself where he has been the past ten years but always come to the conclusion that he was where he was supposed to be, learning the things he was supposed to be learning and becoming the person he was supposed to become. I too was doing that same thing the past ten years. And that, my friends is why I am often gagging these days. Cheeseball city!!!

In other news, it has been wear a certain color at school week amongst the teachers. It is a fun trick we play on the students every year. Usually by Wednesday the kiddos say something or another. Not too many have approached me about it. Yesterday was black day. It seemed very somber at lunch!

These flowers are not somber. I am a lucky girl and gag me with a spoon. But not really. Cheers!


Time is Flying!

So it's almost the end of January. Time flies. I think dating makes for time to accelerate. It also makes for me being behind on grading sometimes. There was also a huge computer fiasco in my district which has caused even more grading woes! Sigh. I guess I'll just lock myself in my office for a while after classes tomorrow.

Not a whole lot happening lately. Friday we met the family in sandy for some burgers. We being Rueben and I. I guess there is a we these days! We then attended Stake Conference both Saturday and Sunday. There were some amazing talks! Sunday night we headed up to sandy again to celebrate Grandma Bills' birthday. It was a yummy meal with great company.

Tonight, I had dinner with Ruben and his parents. His mother is an amazing cook. We had a bean soup with her homemade bread. The apple crisp for desert was divine. Yum! It is fun to just hang at Rueben's. It seems very calming and natural.

Alright. Here are some pics: Kent and his matching ensemble, Rueben in Elvis glasses, the littlest Hagey's lovin' each other, Rueben putting my fixed cupboard door up, Rueben's studly baseball pic(he's always been handsome!), Oliver and his new cute haircut.


Guys are handy!

It's almost Thursday. That is nice. I am looking forward to the weekend. (ok-I am always looking forward to the weekend.)

Today school flew. I worry my PE classes are pansies and I will be doing a lot of coaxing to get them motivated. Ugh.

Rueben came to fix a broken window in one of my kitchen cabinets. I hit my head on it a few months ago and slammed it in anger. Rueben saw it was broken and because he knows how to fix it and works with windows and glass, offered to fix it. Who would say no? Not this kid. It's fun to have a handy guy around. It may help that he is way good-looking too! And he also brought some tasty Chinese. I think I might keep him around for a while!

In my new health classroom, one of the kids pointed our an epic fail with the door. Can you catch it? I also think this student artwork is a fail too! Glad they labeled it because I was way confused!

Off to dream land! Cheers.


The weekend flew.

Good times but it all went way fast.

Friday: Burger Friday and a movie with Rueben.

Saturday: Grading, running, and rockband.

Sunday: Farkle with Aiden and Christine, church, dinner with the Bills at the Hagey's. Erin and Isaac are in town. It's nice to see them!

Monday: Slept in, grocery shopping, cleaning office, making dinner, movie with Rueben.

Here are a few pics:


A fun visit in Cottonwood Heights

One of my favorite places to visit is Cottonwood Heights, UT. It isn't really a destination that most people would consider a vacation destination, but when I am there I feel like I'm on a vacation. The restaurant is great. Pizza was on the menu last night. The cook is friendly and very concerned about my life and always makes me feel comfortable. The entertainment is very action- packed. Hide-N-Seek is my favorite activity followed by a close second of storytime.

I always have a great stay in Cottonwood Heights and last night was no different. I felt like this when I had to leave, but all good things come to an end:


Some details before I fall asleep.

I'm sitting by these flowers smelling their wonderfulness. Reuben brought them to me before we went to the temple tonight. He's way cute.

Rueben is 33. He is creative and actually works in stained glass. He has worked on several pieces that are in many of my church's temples. He is from Orem, UT and is a few inches taller than me. We easily talk and feel like we have known each other much longer than a week and a half. I met Rueben at church and invited him to a Rockband party. We texted back and forth over the holidays and then had a date last Monday. Since then we have been out three other times. It is fun to get to know him. I am planning on living in the moments and not getting obnoxiously excited.

Any questions? The end.


Inspiration, which may sound insane when it's late.

I have a friend who blogs. She is really good at it, but doesn't blog too often. She waits until she is inspired and takes writing to an art. I guess, I do not do this. I basically journal what happened to me that day. So here is an attempt at being like Kirsten. Do you even read this blog Kirsten?

Teachers do not live to teach. Well, at least this teacher doesn't. I get up everyday before work knowing that I could have a huge impact in one student's life. To me, I have been around teaching much to long to be naive enough to think that I will impact EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT. I do not have the time or energy to help each of them. I do, on the other hand, have the ability, time and energy to help one student each day. Today that opportunity happened in the middle of my weight training class, with a student who isn't even in that class. In fact, said student isn't even in ANY of my classes. I needed a scissors from my office to help a student fix his droopy drawers issue, when I stumbled upon a former student who was red in the face and sobbing. I asked if I could do anything, but my voice was drained out by the sniffling and sobbing. "Can I give you a hug at least?" She accepted and then opened up to me a little about how she was stressed because she had been away at her mom's boyfriend's house the past week and had missed some school. She was feeling sick today, and really wanted to go home, but felt that she couldn't miss anymore school. I assured her she would be okay and that she had the option of getting some ibuprofen from the office to make her head feel better and then she could stay at school for the day, or she could go home and talk to her teachers to get work before leaving. She was a little more put together and calm after listening to me and I again asked if I could do anything else for her. She said no, still having a few tears. I said: "Not even another hug?" She accepted and buried her head in my arm. (I even felt the wet tears on my t-shirt for ten minutes after this encounter). As a group of students, I have no real love or great sympathy for my students. On a one-on-one basis, I feel that I have a great love for my students. It is at random times, like today, that I am reminded why I get up everyday. I get up for the Abbys of the world and to be there in that one moment of need to help calm and inspire that one kid. I'm glad Abby was able to remind me of this today.

I also follow Jillandkate. Today they did another "One Last Thing" post which is inspired by a section in People Magazine. I will answer these questions too because, after all, sleep is overrated.

1. Last Celebrity Crush….
Aaron Rodgers, if sports stars count. He is just yummy. I think I like him most with facial hair.

2. Last Album I Bought…
Jillandkate "Songs on the 17th, Vol. 1" They are so amazing. I love the way their voices blend and how rich they sound. I hope to one day seem them live and not just as Kelly Clarkson's backup singers!

3. Last Gift I Gave…
I gave my grandma a box of Sees Candies Chocolate. I wish she would have shared a piece with me!

4. Last Time I Apologized…
It was probably after I yelled at one of my classes. I sometimes have very little patience and then feel like an idiot for losing my cool.

5. Last Coupon I Used…
Not much for coupons but I do have a rewards card for my favorite yogurt place and I am only three yogurts away from a free one! Yipee!

And that, my friends, is the latest installment of You Never Know.

I hope you have good zzzzzs this night and that I do as well! One day you can hear all about the four dates I have had in one week. It's a good story. I like it. Cheers!


Happy Weekend.

The week went quickly. That is always a good thing, even though I often think that I wish my life away quickly. I do hope I can survive next week. We will have two days of 90 minute classes. That will be hard when we are all used to 46 minutes. Let's hope I survive.

I had another date with a nice young man last night. I often want to keep these things very personal and private because I feel like I may jinx it. I also often feel like a celebrity who is dealing with the paparazzi. Everybody and their grandma wants to know the details of the date and this guy. I think this springs from all the people in my life who want me to one day be happily married. Which is totally great. I love you all. Sometimes that makes for a lot of pressure which is something this girl doesn't need because she is awkward enough while dating. So, just know that is why sometimes I just keep the details very vague or short. But I still love you all! :)

It was very fun. Said gentlemen is very nice. He opens doors, he pays, he is easy to talk to, and he is very handsome. That sounds so second grade or as if my grandmother said it. Anyhow. We watched The Muppets. It is an amazing flick. See it. It sparked a bit of child in me and brought back floods of memories. After the movie, we went to eat Indian food and chatted for a while, which went so quickly because, like I said, he is easy to talk to. And seriously, Indian food is definitely a way into this girl's heart! Overall, it was a great experience and I do have plans to spend time with said gentleman again later this weekend.

Well, I really wish I was still asleep. That is what Saturday morning is for, right? Okay, maybe all of you don't live the glamorous life that I do and you don't get the luxury of sleeping in. I feel for you, but I may still roll over here in my bed and take a "nap". It'll be in your honor, I promise! I have had a headache for about a week now and am thinking sleep will help. Pray that it will go away soon!



Hi. Only 8 days left in the semester and to a three day weekend. But who's counting!

Day went quicky. New Years Miracle #2 happened. My 7th hour were angels. It just took me taking the other half of my kids to the self-contained kids room. Charming. We can do this for 8 days!

Paid my speeding ticket. Yes. Lindon City does make life better and I will now be avoiding the place like the plague.

Have a huge headache. Sleep awaits.

Here are a few pics. I hope they actually upload. For some reason, this app is being fickle.


Last day of break.

Not excited to wake up and go to work in the morning. Ugh.

Had fun with the wee boys and their parents today. I am greatly blessed with great friends.

I came home and cleaned like mad after a run. I still cannot believe I am running outside and not cold. I love it.

Went to dinner and yogurt with a nice young gentleman. Good conversation. Hoping for another outing. Life is good.

Cheers. I'm tired.