Guys are handy!

It's almost Thursday. That is nice. I am looking forward to the weekend. (ok-I am always looking forward to the weekend.)

Today school flew. I worry my PE classes are pansies and I will be doing a lot of coaxing to get them motivated. Ugh.

Rueben came to fix a broken window in one of my kitchen cabinets. I hit my head on it a few months ago and slammed it in anger. Rueben saw it was broken and because he knows how to fix it and works with windows and glass, offered to fix it. Who would say no? Not this kid. It's fun to have a handy guy around. It may help that he is way good-looking too! And he also brought some tasty Chinese. I think I might keep him around for a while!

In my new health classroom, one of the kids pointed our an epic fail with the door. Can you catch it? I also think this student artwork is a fail too! Glad they labeled it because I was way confused!

Off to dream land! Cheers.

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Unknown said...

Alice, man, I'm telling you...he's fixing your window?! He's definitely "the one"! I know it! Glad you're oka going to dream land to dream about Reuben and your life together! I love it! This is awesome!