Happy Weekend.

The week went quickly. That is always a good thing, even though I often think that I wish my life away quickly. I do hope I can survive next week. We will have two days of 90 minute classes. That will be hard when we are all used to 46 minutes. Let's hope I survive.

I had another date with a nice young man last night. I often want to keep these things very personal and private because I feel like I may jinx it. I also often feel like a celebrity who is dealing with the paparazzi. Everybody and their grandma wants to know the details of the date and this guy. I think this springs from all the people in my life who want me to one day be happily married. Which is totally great. I love you all. Sometimes that makes for a lot of pressure which is something this girl doesn't need because she is awkward enough while dating. So, just know that is why sometimes I just keep the details very vague or short. But I still love you all! :)

It was very fun. Said gentlemen is very nice. He opens doors, he pays, he is easy to talk to, and he is very handsome. That sounds so second grade or as if my grandmother said it. Anyhow. We watched The Muppets. It is an amazing flick. See it. It sparked a bit of child in me and brought back floods of memories. After the movie, we went to eat Indian food and chatted for a while, which went so quickly because, like I said, he is easy to talk to. And seriously, Indian food is definitely a way into this girl's heart! Overall, it was a great experience and I do have plans to spend time with said gentleman again later this weekend.

Well, I really wish I was still asleep. That is what Saturday morning is for, right? Okay, maybe all of you don't live the glamorous life that I do and you don't get the luxury of sleeping in. I feel for you, but I may still roll over here in my bed and take a "nap". It'll be in your honor, I promise! I have had a headache for about a week now and am thinking sleep will help. Pray that it will go away soon!


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