Inspiration, which may sound insane when it's late.

I have a friend who blogs. She is really good at it, but doesn't blog too often. She waits until she is inspired and takes writing to an art. I guess, I do not do this. I basically journal what happened to me that day. So here is an attempt at being like Kirsten. Do you even read this blog Kirsten?

Teachers do not live to teach. Well, at least this teacher doesn't. I get up everyday before work knowing that I could have a huge impact in one student's life. To me, I have been around teaching much to long to be naive enough to think that I will impact EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT. I do not have the time or energy to help each of them. I do, on the other hand, have the ability, time and energy to help one student each day. Today that opportunity happened in the middle of my weight training class, with a student who isn't even in that class. In fact, said student isn't even in ANY of my classes. I needed a scissors from my office to help a student fix his droopy drawers issue, when I stumbled upon a former student who was red in the face and sobbing. I asked if I could do anything, but my voice was drained out by the sniffling and sobbing. "Can I give you a hug at least?" She accepted and then opened up to me a little about how she was stressed because she had been away at her mom's boyfriend's house the past week and had missed some school. She was feeling sick today, and really wanted to go home, but felt that she couldn't miss anymore school. I assured her she would be okay and that she had the option of getting some ibuprofen from the office to make her head feel better and then she could stay at school for the day, or she could go home and talk to her teachers to get work before leaving. She was a little more put together and calm after listening to me and I again asked if I could do anything else for her. She said no, still having a few tears. I said: "Not even another hug?" She accepted and buried her head in my arm. (I even felt the wet tears on my t-shirt for ten minutes after this encounter). As a group of students, I have no real love or great sympathy for my students. On a one-on-one basis, I feel that I have a great love for my students. It is at random times, like today, that I am reminded why I get up everyday. I get up for the Abbys of the world and to be there in that one moment of need to help calm and inspire that one kid. I'm glad Abby was able to remind me of this today.

I also follow Jillandkate. Today they did another "One Last Thing" post which is inspired by a section in People Magazine. I will answer these questions too because, after all, sleep is overrated.

1. Last Celebrity Crush….
Aaron Rodgers, if sports stars count. He is just yummy. I think I like him most with facial hair.

2. Last Album I Bought…
Jillandkate "Songs on the 17th, Vol. 1" They are so amazing. I love the way their voices blend and how rich they sound. I hope to one day seem them live and not just as Kelly Clarkson's backup singers!

3. Last Gift I Gave…
I gave my grandma a box of Sees Candies Chocolate. I wish she would have shared a piece with me!

4. Last Time I Apologized…
It was probably after I yelled at one of my classes. I sometimes have very little patience and then feel like an idiot for losing my cool.

5. Last Coupon I Used…
Not much for coupons but I do have a rewards card for my favorite yogurt place and I am only three yogurts away from a free one! Yipee!

And that, my friends, is the latest installment of You Never Know.

I hope you have good zzzzzs this night and that I do as well! One day you can hear all about the four dates I have had in one week. It's a good story. I like it. Cheers!

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Shule said...

Alice! I had a feeling you were talking about Abby...Abby Pelka right? Anyway, I love your entry and how you just write it as a journal entry. I got your text that shows a bouquet of flowers and I wanted to text you back but I accidentally erased it and Elia has erased your number from my contacts, so I can't text you back! :( Did you get those flowers from Ruben?!!!!