Nope Not a Funeral.

Hi. It's midnight. I don't get to bed much before now most days. I am not complaining because my life is very good now. And seriously, dating doesn't really measure how good life is, but when you are dating the right person it does make a huge difference. I am often finding myself wanting to gag after I say something cheesy about Rueben. Now, don't get me wrong, nothing about Rueben makes me want to gag. I just never thought I would be this cheeseball of a girl who gets all excited and mushy about what a man says or does. He is so good to me. I am finding it hard to believe that I have found such a great guy after all the years I have been looking. I keep asking myself where he has been the past ten years but always come to the conclusion that he was where he was supposed to be, learning the things he was supposed to be learning and becoming the person he was supposed to become. I too was doing that same thing the past ten years. And that, my friends is why I am often gagging these days. Cheeseball city!!!

In other news, it has been wear a certain color at school week amongst the teachers. It is a fun trick we play on the students every year. Usually by Wednesday the kiddos say something or another. Not too many have approached me about it. Yesterday was black day. It seemed very somber at lunch!

These flowers are not somber. I am a lucky girl and gag me with a spoon. But not really. Cheers!


Morgan -Ing said...

No gagging here. I'm just happy for you!

Unknown said...

Shoot Alice, don't even worry about being mushy and cheesy--like Morgan, we're all just happy for you. And, you're right, when you're dating the right person, it makes a huge difference...I love to read and see pictures in your blog. This is how I know how things are going :) Thanks for making me smile this Friday night. I hope you guys are enjoyed movies at Sundance. I am super excited Alice, just to know that life is good--and even better because of Reuben.