Time is Flying!

So it's almost the end of January. Time flies. I think dating makes for time to accelerate. It also makes for me being behind on grading sometimes. There was also a huge computer fiasco in my district which has caused even more grading woes! Sigh. I guess I'll just lock myself in my office for a while after classes tomorrow.

Not a whole lot happening lately. Friday we met the family in sandy for some burgers. We being Rueben and I. I guess there is a we these days! We then attended Stake Conference both Saturday and Sunday. There were some amazing talks! Sunday night we headed up to sandy again to celebrate Grandma Bills' birthday. It was a yummy meal with great company.

Tonight, I had dinner with Ruben and his parents. His mother is an amazing cook. We had a bean soup with her homemade bread. The apple crisp for desert was divine. Yum! It is fun to just hang at Rueben's. It seems very calming and natural.

Alright. Here are some pics: Kent and his matching ensemble, Rueben in Elvis glasses, the littlest Hagey's lovin' each other, Rueben putting my fixed cupboard door up, Rueben's studly baseball pic(he's always been handsome!), Oliver and his new cute haircut.

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