Tonight was filled with basketball. My school's team qualified for the championship game in their division. Basically, it is like state.

They had to win two games tonight against the same team(the tournament was double elimination and the team they played had not lost during the tourney). They pulled it off and I am so proud of them. What a great end to a great season!

I have also included some pics of the nephews. They were so fun on Sunday! Love them!


Fun With Camera

Hi. Time still escapes me. I cannot believe how fast time is going these days. Before I know it, I will be getting married. Weird. The weekend was filled with Rockband, burgers, and hanging with Rueben. I will miss the weekend when it is over!

Anyway. If you have seen the movie Yes Man! then you will understand the next few pictures. I took a camera out on my run yesterday. It was nice. It totally got my mind off the run (I don't know why but running hasn't been my favorite lately) and more on the experience. It was great. Here are some shots(I took more than one hundred, I think!)


FAT Tuesday

This former Catholic girl still keeps some of the traditions of her former religion. Today marks FAT Tuesday or the day before Lent begins. This means that tomorrow will mark the 40 days prior to Easter. Lots of spiritual journeys happened to be 40 days in the Bible. Hence, the tradition of Lent. Anyway, I am choosing to give up caffeine and the toppings I really like at my yogurt place. Two very difficult things to give up, but that is the kind of things you should give up, things that are hard. This helps us know we can do hard things and builds us.

This comes at a perfect time seeing I have gained about seven pounds in the last week. I need to remember how to do hard things like say no to the treats I love so much! I celebrated Fat Tuesday today by having two big Diet Cokes and eating lots o' toppings at Spoon It Up! It was wonderful and I really have a huge stomach ache. I guess that it what I get!

You should join in on the Lent fun. Pick something that you may hard find to give up for the next 40 days and give it up. It will be fun and strengthening, I promise.

I also need to come up with some good things to add. I think reading my scriptures forty days in a row would be a great goal!

Cheers and Happy FAT Tuesday.


Nice Long Weekend.

Had a blast on our road trip to Manila, Utah. We drove up on Friday. (We being Rueben and I.) We first stopped in Heber and had dinner with my friend, Kristi, and her husband. We got to Manila a little after ten.

We mainly hung out. It was a good break from happy valley. Sarah took us to a lodge in Dutch John for breakfast. The French toast rocked. Not as much as Sarah's orange rolls on Sunday, but it was good. I guess the big moose head helped the atmosphere!

Sunday afternoon we headed back and stopped in Cottonwood Heights for dinner. Morgan made fabulous homemade chicken noodle soup. Excellent.

It was nice to get back to Provo and still have a day off. I exercised, saw a movie and did a bit of my online class. It was a nice day. I may not be completely ready to go back to the reality of work, but it was a nice break, and all good things come to an end, right?

Here are some pictures:


Happy Valentines Day!

It was a good day. I totally just spelled day as fat. It was fattening too. Donuts for my Valentines party with my kiddos, a cookie for lunch, Little Debbie cakes after work, homemade carmel corn after dinner and truffles while watching Alcatraz.

It's okay though. Tomorrow is a new day!

Reuben and I had dinner together and I gave him a card and present. It was a nice low key evening. It was better than the typical Single Awareness Day I am used to. I am very lucky to have Reuben as a valentine. He made me dinner, washed dishes and put out the trash. He pretty much rocks. I truly have been a catch and release girl, but I'm keeping this one. Ooh so cheesy!

Some pics of the day:


A fabulous weekend so far!!!

Well, somebody is officially engaged. That somebody is me!

Tonight as we were talking about weddings, Reuben took out a black box from his pocket and said: "Speaking of weddings, will you marry me?" I told him that he probably should get down on one knee and ask me. He did and I said yes. This happened in my living room by the way. Reuben and I are very laid back people and lots of times the pomp and circumstance just doesn't apply to us. It wasn't a huge production, but it was sweet and nice. I LOVE my ring and it is nice to finally have it after a few weeks wait which started to seem very long!

We then went to Tucano's and had some amazing Brazilian Grill for a friend's birthday party. . It rocked. I was very full. We then went to the friend's house and ate dessert(like I needed it!) and visited. It was a very fun night!

Last night, Reuben met my friend Jane and I and a big chunk of the Bills family for dinner at Woody's(Jane and I arrived early to Morgan's house and played with the boys for a while. They are so dang cute!). Woody's have amazingly tasty burgers and fries. I was in heaven. Then Reuben took Jane, Josh and I down to the Energy Solutions Arena for the Jazz-Thunder game. The Jazz lost but it was so fun to be there. Jane, Josh and I then took Trax back out to my car. Also, a fun experience.

I am sure you want to hear the story of how I met Reuben, don't you? Well, back in December, I had noticed him at church. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. I invited him to December's Rockband party. He came and I was so excited that I really didn't talk to him a whole lot(have I ever mentioned that I am a social degenerate?) Luckily, that didn't scare him away. At Christmas, I texted him and wished him a Happy Christmas. We texted back and forth a bit and then I also texted a New Years greeting. Again we texted back and forth a bit as I flew back to Utah. I really wanted to ask him to dinner but I decided he should be the one to ask. He did and we went to Italian food for our first date. We talked and talked and the waitress had to come back to us five times before we ordered because we were so distracted I think we have been distracted ever since. After a few weeks of dating, we both felt we were heading towards seriousness and marriage. And we still feel that way today, obviously.

Reuben is awesome. I don't know why I have gotten so lucky in love. He washes dishes, fixes things, cooks and even tonight, he offered to scrub my toilet. He treats me so well and makes me feel so special. I had given up on finding somebody a long time ago and am often finding myself asking: Is this for reals? I am so excited to marry my best friend in June. I feel like I have known Reuben all my life, even though it has only been a couple of months. This is awesome. Enjoy the pics from the past few days.



The third term of the year is very hard. The kids are done with school, and frankly(I don't know why it concerns Frank, either) the teachers are too! I have felt very much like I am done with the horrible language, the sexual remarks, dress code violations and bad attitudes. I find that my patience in minuscule and that I am having a hard time loving my students.

Well, just when I needed it most, one of my favorite former students walked into my classroom yesterday during the last period of the day. He was one of my Leadership students who graduated two years ago and who I had as a student in my Leadership class for all four of his high school years. He was one of my favorites because he was sensitive and would do anything that I asked him to do(that is always an amazing characteristic in my students) and he truly cared not only for me but for the students he went to school with.

The reason for his visit was to make amends in a way. He felt as if he had lied to his teachers because he put on a face that said everything was alright, but in fact, he was battling depression and was suicidal. (This was pretty interesting to me because I knew all along he was depressed and often talked with his dad about said depression and the worry I had for him. This student thought he was hiding this from both his dad and his teachers, silly kid!) He also came to tell me thank you because he felt that if it were not for the care that I showed him, he wouldn't be here today. I was truly touched. This is the reason I go to work everyday. It isn't for the money(although I do like to be able to pay rent and for food), the prestige(haha, yeah right), or the great hours(ha ha again! Yeah right, teachers only work 8-3, right?). The reason I get out of bed everyday is because there may be one student whom I need to talk to that day. There may be one kid who needs a non-judgement ear, or a shoulder to cry on. I am there to help the one. Sure it would be great to say that I can change each and every kid, but in reality, I can only help those who will accept it. It was truly an honor to have this student thank me and tell me he had always considered me one of his friends.

I wear a bracelet that says "Love Them More." It is inspired by a tattoo on Kelly Clarkson's right wrist. The story behind it is that Kelly would often talk to her step-father about people who were bothering her and he would just say: "Well, maybe you need to love them more." Sometimes, the people who are hardest to love, are the ones who need our love the most. I feel this way about the kids I work with everyday. They don't need another person to point out their weaknesses or to constantly be putting them in the wrong. They just need somebody to love them. Today, I told my Connections class(the replacement to Leadership) the story of my former student and promised that I was going to be more full of love. It is the month of love after all, isn't it?

May we all be a little more committed to open our hearts to those around us and to spread love around. I think the messed up world we live in needs it. So get out there and love people. Just LOVE! Open doors for those behind you, let people into you lane when you would rather not to, smile at random strangers, help a mom with crying kids, carry things for elderly people(or young people too!), ask a co-worker how their day is, be happy for those around you. There are so many things we can do to make the world a better place. We just need to notice where we can help and the courage to do so. Just do it!

Love you all,



Time warp much? Yeah. That pretty much sums up how I have felt the last month. Seriously, time is flying yet in some ways going slowly.

Thursday night we decorated my friend, Kristi's, office. It was her birthday on Friday. We decided flowers were in order. She loved them even if she was at a conference on Friday and didn't get said flowers until today.

Friday night, Rueben and I went to my school's basketball games. The kids were funny about seeing us holding hands. We went to dinner between games and then went to play games at my friend, Jamie's, mom's house. It was way fun.

Saturday, I ran and then went to lunch with Morgan and Derek and their crew of wee ones. It was fun even if the wee ones were a bit crabby.

Saturday night, Rueb and I made dinner and then watched a movie.

Sunday we went to church and then to a Superbowl party. It was a blast.

Today was hard. I am sick of teenagers. Too bad I have to work with them so closely. I think 3rd term burnout has hit. Bummer.

Let's hope tomorrow is better!

One highlight of the day was waking up to the wee ones. I stayed with them because I had a doctors appointment in salt lake this morning. Ezra is almost my friend these days. One day he will realize how cool I am!