A fabulous weekend so far!!!

Well, somebody is officially engaged. That somebody is me!

Tonight as we were talking about weddings, Reuben took out a black box from his pocket and said: "Speaking of weddings, will you marry me?" I told him that he probably should get down on one knee and ask me. He did and I said yes. This happened in my living room by the way. Reuben and I are very laid back people and lots of times the pomp and circumstance just doesn't apply to us. It wasn't a huge production, but it was sweet and nice. I LOVE my ring and it is nice to finally have it after a few weeks wait which started to seem very long!

We then went to Tucano's and had some amazing Brazilian Grill for a friend's birthday party. . It rocked. I was very full. We then went to the friend's house and ate dessert(like I needed it!) and visited. It was a very fun night!

Last night, Reuben met my friend Jane and I and a big chunk of the Bills family for dinner at Woody's(Jane and I arrived early to Morgan's house and played with the boys for a while. They are so dang cute!). Woody's have amazingly tasty burgers and fries. I was in heaven. Then Reuben took Jane, Josh and I down to the Energy Solutions Arena for the Jazz-Thunder game. The Jazz lost but it was so fun to be there. Jane, Josh and I then took Trax back out to my car. Also, a fun experience.

I am sure you want to hear the story of how I met Reuben, don't you? Well, back in December, I had noticed him at church. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. I invited him to December's Rockband party. He came and I was so excited that I really didn't talk to him a whole lot(have I ever mentioned that I am a social degenerate?) Luckily, that didn't scare him away. At Christmas, I texted him and wished him a Happy Christmas. We texted back and forth a bit and then I also texted a New Years greeting. Again we texted back and forth a bit as I flew back to Utah. I really wanted to ask him to dinner but I decided he should be the one to ask. He did and we went to Italian food for our first date. We talked and talked and the waitress had to come back to us five times before we ordered because we were so distracted I think we have been distracted ever since. After a few weeks of dating, we both felt we were heading towards seriousness and marriage. And we still feel that way today, obviously.

Reuben is awesome. I don't know why I have gotten so lucky in love. He washes dishes, fixes things, cooks and even tonight, he offered to scrub my toilet. He treats me so well and makes me feel so special. I had given up on finding somebody a long time ago and am often finding myself asking: Is this for reals? I am so excited to marry my best friend in June. I feel like I have known Reuben all my life, even though it has only been a couple of months. This is awesome. Enjoy the pics from the past few days.


BloggingBills said...

I was talking to Kelsey about your wedding and the temple and all and I started to cry (so she did too!) We are so happy for you and can't wait to see the wonderful life that the two of you have.
He cleans toilets? Send him our way! If the Bills clan didn't scare him off all the times he's been around then he's a keeper for sure!
Yer other Ma

Moo said...

Yay! Congratulations! So glad that things are going well for you.

The Hunsakers said...

I am so happy for you. I know it has been forever since I worked at Independence with you, but I love seeing what you are up to. I knew the perfect guy was just waiting out there for you. Congratulations!