FAT Tuesday

This former Catholic girl still keeps some of the traditions of her former religion. Today marks FAT Tuesday or the day before Lent begins. This means that tomorrow will mark the 40 days prior to Easter. Lots of spiritual journeys happened to be 40 days in the Bible. Hence, the tradition of Lent. Anyway, I am choosing to give up caffeine and the toppings I really like at my yogurt place. Two very difficult things to give up, but that is the kind of things you should give up, things that are hard. This helps us know we can do hard things and builds us.

This comes at a perfect time seeing I have gained about seven pounds in the last week. I need to remember how to do hard things like say no to the treats I love so much! I celebrated Fat Tuesday today by having two big Diet Cokes and eating lots o' toppings at Spoon It Up! It was wonderful and I really have a huge stomach ache. I guess that it what I get!

You should join in on the Lent fun. Pick something that you may hard find to give up for the next 40 days and give it up. It will be fun and strengthening, I promise.

I also need to come up with some good things to add. I think reading my scriptures forty days in a row would be a great goal!

Cheers and Happy FAT Tuesday.

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BloggingBills said...

Oh Rita Rita!
I was on an accreditation visit on Ash Wednesday and because I was SO tired, I simply could not give up my diet Coke this year. I feel like a loser, but some years are better than others!
As for that other thing you give up every year..... let me know NEXT year how that works!