It's been nice around here, so I thought I'd take advantage of the good weather and get a hike up Y Mountain in today. I am so glad I did because it was just the right temperature and beautiful!

Here are a few pics:


Happy Holi!!!

This past weekend, Jane and I took a friend's kids to the Holi festival at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. It was a blast to throw colored chalk at each other and celebrate Spring.

It is really nice to think it is spring. It has been nice and warm here lately and I am liking it a lot. Not that winter has been much of a big deal around here, but it is nice to have more sun and warmer temperatures.

If you want to see all my pics from the fesitval, please visit my facebook page.

Also, to learn more about the Krishna's click HERE

Not a whole lot going on in my head right now except that I should really be sleeping. So off to sleep it is.



Weekend End

The weekend was pretty dang good. Friday, Reuben and I grilled some good hamburgers on the grill and then went mini-golfing. It was cosmic cool!

Saturday, I was showered for the first time. There will be about three wedding showers before I am married! It was a good time. My kind of party is the kind that happens at Red Robin. I looked good in the veil but I think Josh looked better! He also looks good in a tux, no?

That night Reuben and I went to the roller derby. New. Favorite. Sport. So much fun!

Today Caleb gave a report of his mission. It is so nice to hear him talk about his experiences in Brazil. He had grown so much and his testimony of Jesus Christ touches my soul! I love having him home!

Just hung out the rest of the day. Spent about two hours enjoying the show Storage Wars. New TV addiction. Don't ever watch it. You'll be hooked!

Here's to a good week. Tuesday is the Kelly Clarkson concert. It will most definitely rock!


Late Night Ramblings

Happy Thursday. Or if you are reading this in the future, Happy Friday. If you are lame and don't read this until later than Friday, stop reading and come back on the next Friday. I promise that makes you less lame.

I have been watching YouTube videos late at night again. At about 10:45, I said to myself. I really need to start getting ready for bed. That was an hour ago and here I am still in front of my computer screen. Crazy Alice.

So, what is something you should know about me at this late hour? True confession: I am a nerd and completely love indexing. If you don't know about indexing you can click here to find out. Basically, you read historical documents and type the information for easy reading and access for people looking for their family history. It is awesome. The 1940 US Census comes out in the next few weeks.

What else? I ate chocolate covered cashews and cinnamon bears after eating frozen yogurt. I should not be by bulk food after nine o'clock. I am now banned. If you see me near those bulk bins, please shout: "ALICE YOU ARE BANNED FROM THE BULK!"

I am getting married. I think you knew that.

I like puppies but may not be too excited to be inheriting one. I just feel that dogs can be a lot of work. The end. I still love Reuben's dog, Reno. It will be a whole adjustment to living with him, well both hims. 35 years is a lot of being single.

Right now I am watching a clip of an Olympic Skater on the Today show. He is skating to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and has a weird outfit and makeup on. I still don't think make-up on men is attractive. I wear make-up. I tried a different mascara the other day and Reuben was impressed because apparently the other mascara I have been wearing is so natural that he didn't even think I ever wore make-up. Both sad and nice because he totally doesn't care if I am wearing makeup or not. He also LOVES my curly hair and the poofier and frizzier the better. Weirdi. I like him a lot for the weirdi that he is. He also takes out the trash, extra big bonus. Even at other people's houses, seriously!?

Tomorrow is Friday and I am excited for the weekend. Who would have thought that working for only three and a half days would make me so tired. Maybe it is Daylight Savings. Maybe we should call it Punch Me in the Face Because I hate Saving Daylight. That seems more appropriate.

Well, I really should go to bed although I am sure I could ramble on forever and that would be entertaining to you and complete your life. I guess you will have to catch another late night rambling in the future.

Until then, Cheers!


Caleb's Home.

If you know me, you would know I have two families. Well, my Utah family had a great treat on Tuesday. Caleb, the first son, came home from his mission to Brazil. You might also know that when Caleb was five(around the first time I met him), I told him that if I wasn't married by the time he got off his mission that we would get married. As a five year old, he agreed. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would still be single when he got home. Actually, I may have not thought I'd be engaged two years ago when he left either. But anyhow we all wore t-shirts to the airport. Mine said "Deal's Off" on the back seeing I'm engaged!! Cute huh? It was a great day. The highlight was definitely sitting as a family and hearing Caleb share experiences from his mission and his testimony of Jesus Christ. So very touching and special!

It was hard to go back to work after so long. I only had one I want to beat up a kid moment. I figure that is pretty dang good!

Only six days until the Kelly Clakson concert. Very excited for it!!! And only 100 days until my wedding. Crazy!


Birthday Week

Good times were had as Alice celebrated her birthday. Too much eating happened but that is expected. Back on the wagon this week.

I could document the week by food. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

1. Big Al's BBQ with Reuben before he went out of town. Pre-birthday celebrating.
2. Woody's for burgers with Morgan's crew and Sarah.
3. Sweet Tooth Fairy with Morgan. Sugar cookie heaven.
4. Coasta Vida with Erin, Anne, Josh and Morgan's Crew.
5. Donut from chevron with Sarah.
6. Burger Supreme with Jane, Janette, Shule, Christine, Aiden, Ariel.
7. Yogurt with all above beside Shule and Ariel.
8. Chinese with Reub.

I can see why I gained five pounds!

Nice walk with Reuben last night. This is a nice long weekend. Half day after dr appointment tomorrow morning and then Tuesday off again. Caleb, the brother from another mother, will be back from his LDS mission in Brazil.
Can't wait to see him!!!

Some pics: cup from celebrations, Oliver and his light saber/mask, me and the boys on b-day, river on walk with Reuben, Ezra and his lollipop, Oliver had too much partying on my b-day!, Reuben's cuff lengths(for "Reuben and Rita" as he says), me and Reuben on our walk.


Happy Birthday to Me!

I don't think you are supposed to wish yourself a happy birthday, are you? Well, I think it will be happy anyway. Not going to work is happy enough for me. I think the next two days will totally worth the time spent putting together sub plans. I am hoping that all goes well, but even if it doesn't, I still have two days to celebrate the middle of my thirties.

We celebrated my birthday Sunday at the Bills. The singing was my favorite as usual! I love that the boys were excited to see my candles and to sing to me. Henry wondered if I was turning 8 and also told me I could lick the candles because it was my birthday! They are so dang cute.

You know what else is cute? The way Reuben plays with the boys and how he ice skates. On Saturday we went skating. It was nice to be active on a date night. We also played racquetball Friday night. I will not say who won all four games we played. I am not supposed to let him win, am I? I am sure the next time will be much more competitive! I am missing him while he travels to Kansas City for work. Too bad he's not around for the birthday. Oh well. Life. P.S. Why isn't Kansas pronounced like Arkansas? Or Arkansas pronounced like Kansas? I think we should vote on this in November. It is more important than some of the issues on the ballot, no?

Well, do something fun today in honor of my big day. Eat some cake, a donut, a cupcake or a cheeseburger(or drink some caffeine). Cheers. Here's to 35 rockin'!