Birthday Week

Good times were had as Alice celebrated her birthday. Too much eating happened but that is expected. Back on the wagon this week.

I could document the week by food. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

1. Big Al's BBQ with Reuben before he went out of town. Pre-birthday celebrating.
2. Woody's for burgers with Morgan's crew and Sarah.
3. Sweet Tooth Fairy with Morgan. Sugar cookie heaven.
4. Coasta Vida with Erin, Anne, Josh and Morgan's Crew.
5. Donut from chevron with Sarah.
6. Burger Supreme with Jane, Janette, Shule, Christine, Aiden, Ariel.
7. Yogurt with all above beside Shule and Ariel.
8. Chinese with Reub.

I can see why I gained five pounds!

Nice walk with Reuben last night. This is a nice long weekend. Half day after dr appointment tomorrow morning and then Tuesday off again. Caleb, the brother from another mother, will be back from his LDS mission in Brazil.
Can't wait to see him!!!

Some pics: cup from celebrations, Oliver and his light saber/mask, me and the boys on b-day, river on walk with Reuben, Ezra and his lollipop, Oliver had too much partying on my b-day!, Reuben's cuff lengths(for "Reuben and Rita" as he says), me and Reuben on our walk.

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