Caleb's Home.

If you know me, you would know I have two families. Well, my Utah family had a great treat on Tuesday. Caleb, the first son, came home from his mission to Brazil. You might also know that when Caleb was five(around the first time I met him), I told him that if I wasn't married by the time he got off his mission that we would get married. As a five year old, he agreed. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would still be single when he got home. Actually, I may have not thought I'd be engaged two years ago when he left either. But anyhow we all wore t-shirts to the airport. Mine said "Deal's Off" on the back seeing I'm engaged!! Cute huh? It was a great day. The highlight was definitely sitting as a family and hearing Caleb share experiences from his mission and his testimony of Jesus Christ. So very touching and special!

It was hard to go back to work after so long. I only had one I want to beat up a kid moment. I figure that is pretty dang good!

Only six days until the Kelly Clakson concert. Very excited for it!!! And only 100 days until my wedding. Crazy!

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