Happy Birthday to Me!

I don't think you are supposed to wish yourself a happy birthday, are you? Well, I think it will be happy anyway. Not going to work is happy enough for me. I think the next two days will totally worth the time spent putting together sub plans. I am hoping that all goes well, but even if it doesn't, I still have two days to celebrate the middle of my thirties.

We celebrated my birthday Sunday at the Bills. The singing was my favorite as usual! I love that the boys were excited to see my candles and to sing to me. Henry wondered if I was turning 8 and also told me I could lick the candles because it was my birthday! They are so dang cute.

You know what else is cute? The way Reuben plays with the boys and how he ice skates. On Saturday we went skating. It was nice to be active on a date night. We also played racquetball Friday night. I will not say who won all four games we played. I am not supposed to let him win, am I? I am sure the next time will be much more competitive! I am missing him while he travels to Kansas City for work. Too bad he's not around for the birthday. Oh well. Life. P.S. Why isn't Kansas pronounced like Arkansas? Or Arkansas pronounced like Kansas? I think we should vote on this in November. It is more important than some of the issues on the ballot, no?

Well, do something fun today in honor of my big day. Eat some cake, a donut, a cupcake or a cheeseburger(or drink some caffeine). Cheers. Here's to 35 rockin'!

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