Late Night Ramblings

Happy Thursday. Or if you are reading this in the future, Happy Friday. If you are lame and don't read this until later than Friday, stop reading and come back on the next Friday. I promise that makes you less lame.

I have been watching YouTube videos late at night again. At about 10:45, I said to myself. I really need to start getting ready for bed. That was an hour ago and here I am still in front of my computer screen. Crazy Alice.

So, what is something you should know about me at this late hour? True confession: I am a nerd and completely love indexing. If you don't know about indexing you can click here to find out. Basically, you read historical documents and type the information for easy reading and access for people looking for their family history. It is awesome. The 1940 US Census comes out in the next few weeks.

What else? I ate chocolate covered cashews and cinnamon bears after eating frozen yogurt. I should not be by bulk food after nine o'clock. I am now banned. If you see me near those bulk bins, please shout: "ALICE YOU ARE BANNED FROM THE BULK!"

I am getting married. I think you knew that.

I like puppies but may not be too excited to be inheriting one. I just feel that dogs can be a lot of work. The end. I still love Reuben's dog, Reno. It will be a whole adjustment to living with him, well both hims. 35 years is a lot of being single.

Right now I am watching a clip of an Olympic Skater on the Today show. He is skating to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and has a weird outfit and makeup on. I still don't think make-up on men is attractive. I wear make-up. I tried a different mascara the other day and Reuben was impressed because apparently the other mascara I have been wearing is so natural that he didn't even think I ever wore make-up. Both sad and nice because he totally doesn't care if I am wearing makeup or not. He also LOVES my curly hair and the poofier and frizzier the better. Weirdi. I like him a lot for the weirdi that he is. He also takes out the trash, extra big bonus. Even at other people's houses, seriously!?

Tomorrow is Friday and I am excited for the weekend. Who would have thought that working for only three and a half days would make me so tired. Maybe it is Daylight Savings. Maybe we should call it Punch Me in the Face Because I hate Saving Daylight. That seems more appropriate.

Well, I really should go to bed although I am sure I could ramble on forever and that would be entertaining to you and complete your life. I guess you will have to catch another late night rambling in the future.

Until then, Cheers!

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The Hunsakers said...

I love indexing too. It is quite awesome and makes me feel like I'm contributing to family history, without having to hunt down the ancestors.