Weekend End

The weekend was pretty dang good. Friday, Reuben and I grilled some good hamburgers on the grill and then went mini-golfing. It was cosmic cool!

Saturday, I was showered for the first time. There will be about three wedding showers before I am married! It was a good time. My kind of party is the kind that happens at Red Robin. I looked good in the veil but I think Josh looked better! He also looks good in a tux, no?

That night Reuben and I went to the roller derby. New. Favorite. Sport. So much fun!

Today Caleb gave a report of his mission. It is so nice to hear him talk about his experiences in Brazil. He had grown so much and his testimony of Jesus Christ touches my soul! I love having him home!

Just hung out the rest of the day. Spent about two hours enjoying the show Storage Wars. New TV addiction. Don't ever watch it. You'll be hooked!

Here's to a good week. Tuesday is the Kelly Clarkson concert. It will most definitely rock!


Morgan -Ing said...

Josh rocks it.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

You llook awesome!

I went tpo a roller derby and had so much fun, you could totally be a roller berdy girl!

We start watching storage wars and can never stop because htey have like a billion on right after each other. We have to turn the tv off before the previews of the next one otherwise we are hooked...good show!