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Here is a mini post. It is always late when I write. I always should be sleeping. This is probably why I just skip writing lately.

Today was a good day. The kids were in good moods at school and I was in a good mood too. I had many laughs and good interactions with the kiddos. I wish I could carbon copy days like today. I guess then I wouldn't appreciate them as much. Here is the funniest quote. We're talking about relationships and communication in health class and the writing prompt to start class was this: "Why do people get married and what does it take to have a good marriage?" Kids usually write about sex and I was thinking of a way to steer them clear of that and cleverly lead them right to it by saying: "Your journal today is why do people marry and what is needed for a sexful marriage?" I was highly embarrassed, one of the kids nearly fell off his chair he was laughing so hard, and I am sure I will never live that one down. It is hilarious looking back, though!

Tonight Reuben and I went on a mini hike, ate jimmy johns in rock canyon, went to the batting cages, and ate yogurt. Very nice night.

Monday we watched the NCAA final championship game at my friend, Troy's. His house is amazing. It has a theatre room and a sport memorabilia room. Awesome sauce.

Tuesday I did taxes and laundry. Nice. Last time to file single!

Found a target card with 30 bucks on it. Today is my favorite!

This has really been a five minute post. I forgive me.


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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I bet you make going to class really fun for your students. I miss you lady!