Thank heavens for the weekend.

It has been a long week. The end of which was a little bit more rough than the rest. I am tired and would love to go back to sleep but have lots to do today with grades due on Monday, a lesson to teach in church, a bridal shower for work in the afternoon and engagement pictures in the evening. Just writing that made me lose my breathe a little.

Getting to know a future spouse is mostly awesome but sometimes you get into little ruts. That is why Thursday and last night were a bit rough. It is good to talk things through when there are issues but it sure is exhausting. Thank heavens I am marrying a man who is willing to talk and not just ignore conflict and hope it goes away because is reality these conflicts will only fester and get larger.

I think that is enough about that. Work has been fun lately. I am very glad that my students love to talk about diseases and snot. They also love to try to make crazy hands on activities work. I think I need to do a bit better at making the activities run smoothly. I think that is an area in which I can become a better teacher.

I also got evaluated by my new vice principal this Thursday. I have always dreaded these observations, in the past, but this time around it was non-stressing. I think the difference was because I have a very good relationship with this VP and we seem to have similar teaching philosophies. In the past, I would get low scores making me feel like an inadequate teacher but this go around I got only 3s and 4s out of a four point scale. That validated me and helped me feel good about my teaching and job. I'm sure I have never been bad but when your evaluations show only 1s and 2s, you worry. I get the room for improvement factors, but really? Sure I have things and areas to improve but I am a good teacher!

Okay, enough tooting my own horn. Off to get some grading done. I hope your weekend is filled with laughter and fun moments. Remember that happiness is a choice and life is about finding joy!!!

I find joy in feeding horses carrots and bike riding. That was a great way to end the workweek yesterday! And spending time with good people is a nice thing too!!!

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