Today Rocked.

It's late. One day I will get enough sleep.

Best thing about today: going to the temple with Reuben followed by wingers.

2nd best thing: being silly with another teacher at faculty meeting. I don't typically like meetings but this one was majorly positive. Some great changes will happen at my school next year!!

3rd best thing that happened today: picking out fabric with Denise(she's making my wedding dress.). We also had a great talk about life and work!

4th best thing that happened today: singing a conversation with a colleague in the hallway.

5th best thing that happened today: getting to sleep.

Good night to ya. (these pics are from today, except the ones of little boys on a trampoline. That was Sunday. Ez's hair was crazy and it is fun to watch the littlest ones jump!)

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Elizabeth Peterson said...

I am excited to see your wedding dress! I bet it will be awesome. Good things are happening for my friend Rita!!