Viva Las Vegas

This is the post with all the fun Vegas happenings. I hope you enjoy!

That is a lot of pictures. I will go through and write about them in order:
1. New York, New York: It makes me feel like I went there, almost!
2. Windmill at Bellagio. I love the garden there. I think I could live at the Bellagio
3. Kari in our room at the Luxor. The windows are actually part of the pyramid outside. It's angular and cool.
4. Toes at the pool. We spent quite a bit of time just being at the pool. That is my kind of vacation.
5. The strip at night.
6. Alyssa and Rylan. It was so nice to catch up with Alyssa again and to see her cute little family!
7. View of the Sphynx from our window.
8. Me wasting another dollar.
9. Ice cream lunch: This was part of the day where we used a flip of a coin to make our decisions.
10. Garden at Bellagio
11. Kari with a Thunder from Down Under. She was silly and was offered a necklace while in the Excalibur and took it not realizing the next step was for that gorgeous young man to then pose for pics with her. She wanted us to join but I had been there and done that! :) Very funny.
12. Lesley and I at Cheesecake Factory. Great appetizers for dinner. Fried macoroni and cheese balls, boneless wings, sliders, and spinach dip and chips. I think the company was more delicious. I loved catching up with Lesley. She is one of those friends who never changes and it is like you were never apart.
13. Raising Canes. Delicious.
14. Kari with glass at Bellagio
15. Bobble heads at sport bar in NY, NY
16. Me punching bobble head.
17. The fountains at Bellagio. I wish I had one in my front yard!

From the pics you wouldn't know that I also vacationed with Jane and Janette. Kari and I were the lazy vacationers and didn't rush and go and do much. J and J on the other hand did. We did see KA by Cirque de Solei and it was phenominal. Too bad you can't take pics there. It was amazing. Driving was also fun. When you have good company, road trips rock. We stopped at a whole in the wall in Beaver on the way to Vegas and the french toast is yummy. I like those kind of places. It was like walking into the show "Alice." It was very 70s. What else? I think that is it. It was a fun trip. Vacations go too quickly. Good thing there is only about six weeks left until the lovely summer vacation!

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