18 Reasons I love the weekends...

1.  Sleeping in has to be the first one.
2.  No dealing with kids who say: "What?  We have to work in here today?"
3.  Reading
4.  Sleeping on my couch.
5.  Sleeping in.
6.  Going to a Utah Blaze game tomorrow night.
7.  Hanging out with Reuben.
8.  Sleeping in.
9.  Being lazy
10.  Not having anything to do.
11.  Getting a longer run in.
12.  Sleeping in.
13.  No meetings.
14.  My house is a quiet place.
15.  Falling asleep while blogging.
16.  Sleeping in.
17.  Burgers and Fries.
18.  Sleeping in.

The lists are getting harder. Maybe I better write them down during the day.  Sleeping in is really important and deserves more than one spot on the list.  Just sayin'!

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